'''Article:''' All Robots Are Not Created Equal: The Design and Perception of Humanoid Robot Heads by Carl DiSalvo, Francine Gemperle, Jodi Forlizzi, and Sara Kiesler

'''Introduction to paper:'''

Pictures of industrial/research, consumer, and fictional robot heads were presented in a survey to find out which robots look most human-like. From that, it was determined which facial features have the most impact on “humanness.” Eyes had the greatest impact, but without statistical significance. The mouth had the next greatest impact (62.5%), and with statistical significant. The authors redesigned the appearance of their robot head based on their conclusions.

'''Application to personal research:'''

If the Mechanical Engineering department wants to make their robot human-looking, then they should give it eyes, nose, eyelids, and a mouth, and its head should be taller than it is wide. If they don't want it to be human-looking, they can do the opposite. Skin was mentioned as useful in making the product appear “finished,” maybe it would be good to have a covering for the robots created in the Mechanical Engineering Department (like a shirt).


  • If a perfectly human-looking robot head isn't atainable, is it better to purposefully create a robot head that looks a little robotic in order to avoid the uncanny valley?

'''Additional notes from paper:'''

  • The head is assumed to play a significant role in human-robot interaction
  • Suggesting facial features may be enough, leaving the rest to imagination
  • The uncanny valley by Mashiro Mori claims that something becomes more comfortable or familiar as it looks more human-like, except at the point where it looks VERY CLOSE to human-like, but not quite, in which case it feels uncomfortable.

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