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 +<​u>'''​Article:'''</​u>​ [http://​www.et.byu.edu/​groups/​tilar/​kozima.pdf Interactive Robots for Communication-Care:​ A Case-Study in Autism Therapy] by Hideki Kozima, Cocoro Nakagawa, and Yuriko Yasuda
 +<​u>'''​Introduction to paper:'''</​u>​
 +A small, yellow, two-ball-snowman robot with eyes (cameras) and a pointy nose, named Keepon, was used to play with typically developing and autistic children. ​ The robot can function in autonomous or manual-control mode.  The autonomous mode chooses actions based off of where the person, as well as any toy of a particular color, is located in the view of the camera. ​ Keepon was designed to engage children in a playful way, in general - it wasn't designed to play imitation games, or anything more specific. ​ Children demonstrated social behaviors towards Keepon after multiple sessions.
 +<​u>'''​Application to personal research:'''</​u>​
 +Of the three main impairments (social interaction,​ communication,​ and imagination) I've only seen experiments for the first two (no experiments designed to develop an autistic child'​s imagination). ​ Maybe that would be a good area for research and experimentation.
 +If we created an autonomous mode for TiLAR, we could let subjects play with our robots unattended. ​ However, since we don't want to be liable for any accidents, we can't ever really leave a subject unattended. ​ In which case, if we're there, why not just manually control the robot?
 +<​u>'''​Additional notes from paper:'''</​u>​
 +* Some children with ASD will direct their gaze at an experimenter (as an "​attentional target"​),​ but not typically to read the experimenter'​s facial expressions.
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