'''Article:''' Human-Robot Interaction: A Survey by Michael Goodrich and Alan Schultz

'''Notes from paper:'''

  • Assistive robotics is sensitive to the culture of the area
  • Most, if not all, assistive robotics problems require the robot to be within close proximity of the human
  • And most situations utilize the robot as a peer or mentor

'''Points to add to the "Assistive and Educational Robotics" section:'''

Just as “intelligent wheelchairs” are being designed to aid in path planning and collision avoidance, some assistive robotics groups are designing systems to autonomously respond in social interactions with mentally handicapped children [1, 2].

Assistive robotics has potential to help children with mental challenges to warm up to, and interact with, other people as the child realizes that the object of their interest and attention is being controlled by that person [3].


  • What roles might remote human-robot interactions play in assistive robotics?
  • : It seems that humans take the role of supervisor or operator in all remote interactions
  • : (Are there any other roles that a human might perform in remote interactions, besides those two?)
  • : Obviously an experimenter or therapist could remotely operate a robot that would interact with a subject/child
  • : A child could take the role of operator, but if they're interacting with a screen then it would make more sense to simply show a simulation on the screen (why have the child control an actual robot if they never actually see what it does?)
  • How might giving a child more control over a robot within close proximity (that he or she can see and maybe even touch) affect social interaction?
  • : If people show more interest in objects that they build than objects built by others [4], then maybe they would show more interest in objects they control more than objects controlled by others
  • : But if that's the only benefit, is it really helpful? Do we really need to get the child more interested in playing with the robot? I don't think so, they seem to like them enough.

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