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 +<​u>'''​Article:'''</​u>​ [http://​www.robotcub.org/​misc/​papers/​07_Francois_Polani_Dautenhahn.pdf Online Behaviour Classification and Adaptation to Human-Robot Interaction Styles] by Doroth´ee Franc¸ois, Daniel Polani, and Kerstin Dautenhahn
 +<​u>'''​Introduction to paper:'''</​u>​
 +The sensors of an Aibo robot were monitored and the information sent through an algorithm, in real-time, to determine whether the toy was being played with gently, or not, and then to change its personality accordingly. ​ The algorithm was mostly able to correctly determine harshness of interaction. ​ Transitioning between personalities took a little while (10 to 19 seconds). ​ Also, one sensor was able to mislead the algorithm a little bit if it was over used (because it was binary instead of analog).
 +<​u>'''​Application to personal research:'''</​u>​
 +We could incorporate machine learning into TiLAR in a way that, depending on how sensors are being handled (or something), the remote control will show a couple options of what to do next (as pre-scripted by the therapist) but the one that the algorithm thinks would be the best choice will be highlighted. ​ If not determined by sensors, it could try to predict what the therapist would choose next, based on previous choices, and highlight that one.
 +* Why do <​u>''​life-like''</​u>​ <​u>''​toys''</​u>​ fascinate people? ​ Is it because they'​re like reality, but more under your control?
 +<​u>'''​Additional notes from paper:'''</​u>​
 +* Making interactions "​playful"​ may engage the child
 +* The robot'​s purpose is to act as a bridge that will lead an autistic child to interact with other people
 +<< [[Invoking Social Behaviors]]
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