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 +* [http://​common.ziffdavisinternet.com/​util_get_image/​14/​0,​1425,​sz=1&​i=140954,​00.jpg Startup screen]
 +* [http://​www.botmag.com/​images/​articles/​nxt/​2.jpg Programming 1]
 +* [http://​bloggingabout.net/​UserFiles/​Ilske%20Verburg/​LegoMindstormsNxtMyFirst.JPG Programming 2]
 +* [http://​www.logiciq.com/​images/​nxt-programmingif.jpg Programming 3]
 +* [http://​secretgeek.net/​image/​NXTCode_small.jpg Programming 4]
 +* Programming Sub-menus
 +** [http://​blogs.wsd1.org/​etr/​files/​square-no-loop.png Program: Square - NO loop]
 +** [http://​blogs.wsd1.org/​etr/​files/​squareloop.png Program: Square - Using loop]
 +** [http://​blogs.wsd1.org/​etr/​files/​browserloop2.png Program: Browser]
 +<​u>'''​Introduction to interface:'''</​u>​
 +This interface is used to program a LEGO Mindstorms robot. ​ Building blocks (Programming components) are always available at the left side of the screen. ​ Images are iconic (which is less intimidating). ​ Multiple pages of programs can overlap each other (notice the "​Untitled-5"​ tab in the "​Programming 3" screenshot). ​ A window, to change preferences for an action, is always available at the bottom of the screen.
 +<​u>'''​Application to personal research:'''</​u>​
 +A page could consist of time-lines connected together by decision branches (i.e. it would be a "​tree"​ [in the computer science sense of the term] of time-lines). ​ A branch could lead to another time-line on the same page, or to an icon that would tell the user what page contains the time-line that the branch leads to (clicking on that icon would take the user to that page and time-line).
 +If we made a list of programming components, it could consist of:
 +* ''​Animate''​ (to play any animation/​sound)
 +* ''​Wait''​ (to wait for remote control, sensory input, or time)
 +After a ''​Wait'',​ control could change over to somewhere new in the script.
 +Perhaps ''​Animate''​s and ''​Wait''​s could exist on two separate lines of a time-line.
 +* Would it be better to have a "​loop"​ programming component, or have looping a variable of an animation block?
 +* Would it be better to show more information about a programming component ON the block instead of in the window at the bottom of the screen?
 +<​u>'''​Additional notes:'''</​u>​
 +* LEGO Mindstorms robots can also be programmed using Microsoft'​s Robotics Developer Studio
 +<< [[User Interface Design]]
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