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 +== Attending ==
 +Gordon, Eric, and Mark
 +Loren and Klark
 +==Open Lab==
 +Report on currents status of open lab information.
 +''​Is it possible to low-cost re-image machines? ​ How does the kimble tower manage their images? ​ They seem able to update the images with new software (windows included) within 24-hours? ​ Maybe we need to look at a re-image approach rather than an add to the image approach. ​ Accommodate late requests as best we can (no promises).''​
 +==Customer Service and Support==
 +==Department Services==
 +* [[2-Dec-2009|Survey]]
 +* External email hosting
 +*[[2-Dec-2009|Wireless services]]
 +*Graduate mailing list for students:
 +*:''​Are you still the chair of the computing committee? I have a request from Topher to create a "​grads"​ mailing list that the grads themselves could use for communication among themselves -- talking about upcoming events, sharing experiences,​ etc. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a more active graduate student organization in our department, something we've talked about on the grad committee. It's not clear to me whether the current grads list serves this purpose (it seems to be used primarily for official grad mailings from the department). Perhaps a csgsa@byu.edu is in order? Preferably with admin access given to a CSGSA president? --- Daniel Zappala''​
 +* Student area to post examples of Research Area Exams, proposals, LaTeX templates, etc.
 +==Hardware Acquisition and Rotation==
 +''​Purchase wireless access points and provide full coverage. ​ BYU is not moving forward in this area.''​
 +==Assessment,​ Priorities, and Future Needs==
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