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 +== Attending ==
 +Loren, Mark, Klark, Gordon, Eric, Dan
 +;Reports: What is the top priority for the each of the sub-committees through the first quarter of 2010?
 +==Open Lab==
 +;Priorities through 2010Q1:
 +;# Open lab images are validated and stable well before a semester begins --- define and debug the process i)Changes submitted prior to finals; ii) Finals week devoted to testing
 +;# Prototype a "​virtual"​ lab in spring semester supporting any of our operating systems from any machine (Windows and VM client in Linux Host --- trial Winter)
 +;# Group and project support
 +;Open lab names: Should we be using internet sites for open lab machine names --- google.cs.byu.edu,​ etc.? ---  ''​Not the ideal theme, but not worth the energy to change. ​ Themes fine.''​
 +==Customer Service and Support==
 +We need to establish a "​prioritization protocol"​ that clearly lets CSRs/help desk folks know how to prioritize tickets and help requests. ​ This should be a concrete, open decision making process that is based on the priorities that our committee has set and perhaps on faculty feedback. ​ To make this happen we need to:
 +: 1. solicit feedback on this from faculty -- what do they think should be the priority?
 +: 2. "​operationalize"​ this, along with the prioritization scheme we've begun formulating in committee -- we need to turn it into a concrete decision making process.
 +: 3. publish this to the entire department so faculty, students, etc. understand just where their request will fall in the priority queue.
 +==Department Services==
 +;Priorities through 2010Q1: i) DHCP working as expected; ii) faculty survey and set of solid verified services (pull pet-peeves from survey.
 +===Faculty Needs===
 +I spent some time talking to a few faculty members about their impressions of the department infrastructure. ​ Here are a few of the things they are saying:
 +*I think we underestimate the impact of losing the wiki data.  It made faculty members feel like they cant trust anything in the department infrastructure. ​ Some of them are now paying an off-site hosting service even if they didn't lose any data personally. ​ It is like any customer service area ... when someone has a bad experience they tell all of their friends, but when they have a good experience nobody hears about it.  I think everyone in the department has heard about it and is shaking their head and doubting department infrastructure.
 +*Although it may have been a while ago, the feeling is that the department mail is unreliable and people are moving away from it.  I think we either need to prove that it is reliable or drop it as a service. ​ It seems to me that it is kind of the ugly stepsister that nobody really pays attention to unless it goes down.  If we are going to provide mail as a service, we need to be constantly monitoring and testing it and testing the backups to make sure we never lose anything and have totally reliable service.
 +*A lot of faculty are plugging into their phones for networking in their labs because they have had an experience with the department network being flaky. ​ I have had the same experience. ​ Even last week, I was having trouble trying to access a page on the department network, I switched over to the back of my phone and everything worked. ​ I have had times when over a period of hours I was getting in the 50KB/sec in the department and when I switched to the back of my phone I was up at 10MB/​sec. ​ I would like to install mrtg.  It talks to the routers with SNMP and gives you a record of what is going on.  Then when someone has trouble we can at least look at the logs to see what is happening. ​ We need to move from asking the faculty to prove that there is a problem, to proactively installing monitoring tools to let us diagnose problems before they ever see them.
 +*I asked about what faculty would really like in terms of support for their research labs.  I would like to put together a survey to see if this extends to the department as a whole:
 +**A web server (with ftp) where they can install content that it backed up and totally reliable that they dont have to spend student time maintaining. ​ All the security patches and installation are done by someone else, but they have the ability to modify content. ​ I think we could provide this with the resources we currently have.  I dont think they really want a virtual server that they have to configure and maintain.
 +**svn and wikis, but these are secondary
 +**I think that most faculty have given up on department email. ​ I think we should can the service and set up a way to service cs.byu.edu addresses externally. ​ It is too hard to maintain reliable email when we have a small number of users. ​ This will get worse now that students arent included.
 +==Hardware Acquisition and Rotation==
 +==Assessment,​ Priorities, and Future Needs==
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