Dan V., Loren, Mark, Gordon


What are the key things that we should be doing and thinking about?

Comments from Klark:

I hope this is what you were looking for. Some are fairly specific (1 & 4), the others are rather broad (possibly 2, & 3).

  1. Open lab images/software
  2. Customer service & support
    • Very visible; needs to be well maintained
  3. Department services (this is rather broad. Don't know if it should be broken down into the various services)
    • Services that affect everyone are top priority
      • Backup and disaster recovery — audit and verification
      • Department website and web services
      • Email
      • Network (wired and wireless)
    • Services that affect a large group of people
      • Virtual Services: wikis, servers, etc.
    • Services that affect a few people
  4. Hardware acquisition & rotation
  5. Assessment, priorities, and future needs –> the entire committee since everything is intermingled and entangled. Needs the entire committee to discuss this notion.

Web services including the department website is something that is used a whole lot.

Who should lead out on each one?

1. Eric M. and Klark (Loren for story telling lab)

2. Dan V. and Gordon (Loren and Klark)

3. Mark Clement (Loren and Klark)

4. Gordon, Klark, and Loren

5. Everyone

Review tickets

State of the Union Address: Computing Facilities

We need to report to faculty what we are doing on the computing committee. How are we using our time and efforts? What are we trying to accomplish?

Other items

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