Mark, Eric, Daniel, Gordon, Loren


Individual Business




The increase in quotas for students is great. Working very well. Students are appreciative.



Outage is delayed on parts. Currently being scheduled on Martin Luther King Day. Many concerns are expressed over trying to do the upgrade over the weekend on the holiday. Loren is comfortable that this will work as expected with no issues.

Need to push wireless network on the future regarding how we want to set up the wireless network. Somewhat low priority now. We need to find a final solution, but is it the right choice currently. Need to make our wireless network easier to use so people use it. Add wireless to the future agendas. Loren will start prototyping the future systems.

How often are we seeing food in the labs? Conducting an informal study, and we have yet to see any food in the lab. Not a real big issue currently. There is always several water-bottles and candy wrappers. Relates to the need for lab-watchman. If we move to new door locks then we can gateway access with door locks and us that rather than use the magnetic door latches.


General Business

Chilled Water Systems Outage (loren)

Need a scheduled downtime (preferably before Christmas break) for 4 hours. Thoughts?

Loren: Klark and Loren visited and decided they can run without cooled water for up to 4 hours. Asked contractor to give a 4-day lead on notification. As soon as parts arrive, then the contractors will install.

1106 Media Lab Status (klark)

Report on rough timeline. Do we have a date from OIT on the wiring in 1066, and if not, then is it time to involve Kelly who might be able to influence the process.

Klark: As for my assignments, I still haven't heard anything about the tables for 1106. It would take us about a day to get the lab set up and the software installed on the machines. We are still planning on doing this AFTER we get the machines in 1066 up and running again.

When I checked on 1066 last Friday, they were still working on the network rewiring but they should have it finished this week. We can then start working on that room and getting it ready for winter.

Eric: the 8-foot tables are just fine. We can use the 8-foot tables right now for the lab configurations.

Gordon: Michael still needs to give us a version of Maya. Anything else?

Security for Server Rooms (kevin and loren)

  • What are the security levels for each of the server rooms (2223 and 2255)?
  • :2223 stays the same. 2255 is open access but Loren gateways installation to ensure cleanliness.
  • How is (should) access be managed?
  • Door locks and managing door codes?
  • : Explore the campus door locks that are badge access controlled.
  • Other security considerations (cameras)?
  • : No cameras because they are harder to manage.

We should work on a clear articulation for Kelly and others to be sure we have a common understanding on role of 2255 and 2223.

Loren: Put together a proposal that installation goes through Loren's office. He handles installation. Software is open access. Loren: Explore door locks. Be sure we articulate how access is granted. Include the ability to specify the time frame.

Winter 2009 Open-lab Allocation Final Proposal (klark)

Final proposal for lab allocation.

Klark: We will plan on installing Paul Roper's software on all of the Windows machines and once I know what Scott Woodfield is planning on doing for CS100, we can probably open that lab up to Paul's cs124 class as well. We'll keep the Windows lab in the basement until all of the construction is completed and then we may possibly change it to Linux. That wouldn't happen until Spring/Summer anyway.

Daniel: Get pauls standard windows software list together for Klark.

Wiki Slowdown

Is there a way to help mitigate the slow down cycle we are seeing on the wikis (i.e., memory is cleared or server rebooted, works fine, gradually starts to slow down, ticket filed, repeat)?

Loren: Doubled memory and booted into run-level 3 rather than 5 (no-gui). Will check to make sure it is going o.k.

Backups (loren)

General review of Loren's comments from last meeting.

BTW, Terry is defending this week. :)

Loren: Some aspects of the SAN may be out-of-date. As soon as Loren gets his hands on the SAN he will begin working. He is expecting at least a month before having something functional for backups.

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