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 +*Server Room Migration
 +**Important dates
 +**December 19 (basement and server room done)
 +**Do the racks move through the building?
 +** Will the racks arrive on time?
 +**Coordinate moving on the University level? ​ '''​Need to block major power tweaks in November and December'''​
 +* Server room cleanup
 +** Work on it through the semester
 +* Faculty servers
 +** Contact and determine if surplus or move
 +** Convert at non-rack mountable
 +* Switch rotation schedule: hold for budget
 +* Should we move to BYU email services? (shelve for next week)
 +* Report on server name migration --> Four machines left.  End of semester everything migrated.
 +* Phil's equipment: add to the virtual pool
 +* Shop cleanup: what needs to stay
 +* Report on server name migration
 +*Review open tickets
 +* Place to store meeting notes, assignments,​ documents, etc.?
 +* Open labs --> what is working? ​ What should change?
 +** Paul's need for Windows machines.
 +** Laptop lab
 +'''​Other Business?'''​
 +* Gordon
 +* Kevin --> No business
 +* Mark --> Network performance
 +* Daniel --> visit with Lauren on Virtual Server performance RAID
 +   disk performance is very low (twice as slow as real hardware)
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