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 += Collaborative Space =
 +* initial setup was for upper-division undergrad students only
 +** some thoughts on opening it for everyone
 +** if we open it to everyone, then we run the risk of the long line of CS 142 students taking it over
 +* Chris likes the sense of community it gives. Maybe if it is less crowded, lesson restriction on it, like after 240. Has seen a fair amount of food and drink in the room. Likes couches and boards. Turned out how he expected it. 
 +* Trent used it for a class project for 6 hours and it worked out great. Likes the high tables so you can walk back and forth between the board.
 +* No art has been purchased for walls yet. Perhaps some large posters from companies that hire our students, have them signed by alumni. Could have some logos from software and tools.
 +* Plugs under the table would be expensive.
 +* Could have a name competition. A good suggestion is Code Base.
 +* Room is closed during devotional per university policy: could we get a student to be in charge of setting a TV up for devotional?
 +* Will be putting rollers on chairs
 +* Lounge chairs not comfortable.
 += Penetration Testing =
 +* IT did some penetration testing for us
 +* Get their report to faculty with a short list of recommendations
 +* Currently using Security Onion on Ubuntu
 +* in the process of putting in a new firewall
 +* there is some possibility of using yHack to help out with configuring and measuring/​monitoring the IDS
 +* where do we stand on usability versus security
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