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 +One of the primary concerns we are dealing with is managing faculty expectations for support versus what staff has the resources and ability to offer.
 +* Faculty may be given a server on YCloud
 +* staff does not have the resources to manage one VM per faculty member
 +* faculty should manage the server themselves or train a student to do so
 +* for backup, OIT is offering a service for $30/month for first TB
 +* one cheap alternative is Amazon Glacier, which is 1 cent per Gigabyte
 +* this will work particularly well for backing up small servers for much less than OIT charges, and still comes to $10/TB, 1/3 of OIT's cost
 +Some history on past services provided by Loren:
 +* Loren setup a system of servers and wikis that was not maintained well
 +** a NAS (2 TB storage for Daniel)
 +** facback backup server
 +** wiki inrastructure
 +* these services were not maintained well over time and are suffering high failure rates for disk drives, the Wiki version is very out of date, etc.
 +Some discussion of the Wiki service provided to faculty
 +* two possible support directions
 +* a common Wiki infrastructure maintained by the department
 +** could be folded into web server services
 +** would use one installation of Mediawiki software
 +** would require a small, common set of packages
 +** staff is worried that frequent requests for new packages will break some Wikis and not others
 +** should settle on this package set and only change infrequently (e.g. once per year in spring/​summer)
 +** basic packages could include LaTeX support, code highlighting,​ etc.
 +** could require hiring a student to maintain it
 +* a separate VM and wiki per person
 +** staff can provide a VM and basic package installation
 +** do not have resources to maintain that VM once handed off to faculty (see above discussion)
 +Some discussion of general backups for faculty
 +* currently have an NFS system with 20 TB storage for students (not completely full)
 +** easy to maintain because all lab systems are on a common platform
 +** backups provided by rsync to old NFS system, which holds only 8 TB storage
 +* could provide a similar system to faculty, likely in range of $100,000+ for initial purchase
 +** would likely use Amazon Glacier for backup since it is much cheaper than a secondary backup system and more reliable ($10/TB per month)
 +** staff are worried they would be responsible if important files from faculty research labs are lost
 +** would likely require some reduction in capital equipment budget for each faculty to maintain the system each year
 +** would likely provide an NFS or Samba mount to each faculty member
 +** would require buy-in from a faculty vote
 +** total allocated to department for access equipment and capital is $257K, so $100K is a big chunk of that
 +** note, there has been little faculty support for an initiative like this in the past
 +* faculty sometimes suggest a cheap backup alternative would be possible, due to low cost of drives
 +** these are often cheap drives, not intended for heavy duty cycle
 +** enterprise-quality backup/NAS solutions are fairly expensive
 +* other alternatives for faculty
 +** buy a cheap external TB hard drive, one per student in your lab, have student setup regular backups of their critical work
 +** setup Amazon Glacier, with cheap backup to cloud (much cheaper than Mozy or Backblaze)
 +** could use both (Amazon charges a bit more for retrieval, could use it as a disaster backup e.g. in case building has a fire)
 +** Daniel will be looking into Amazon Glacier this spring for his servers, and will report back to faculty with instructions,​ scripts to set this up
 +Discussion of campus networking services
 +* department link to rest of campus is 1 Gbps
 +* OIT may discuss an upgrade in a year to faster uplink (10 Gbps), installing Xerrus wireless
 +* CS department already has our own Xerrus wireless infrastructure (this is the CSDept SSID you see in WiFi)
 +** using WPA Enterprise lets department link your access to your CS Department login
 +** this has caused some problem for department systems, hope is that these can be worked out
 +** Daniel found that latest Ubuntu on his laptop did not work at all, but Fedora 20 works great
 +** much of campus is using WPA personal for BYU Secure (just enter "​byuwireless"​ for password, not your credentials)
 +** but OIT plans to switch to WPA Enterprise as well
 +* regarding OIT upgrade plans for our link to campus
 +** reports from Chemistry (who also runs their own infrastructure) that they will need to turn over operations of their network to OIT if they want to upgrade
 +** we should figure out how much it would cost the department to use OIT (and in return equipment upgrade every three years, supposedly)
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