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 +== Attending ==
 +Daniel, Gordon, Klark, Eric, Loren, Kevin
 +== General ==
 +* Review minutes from [[08-Dec-2008]]
 +* Review open tickets
 +===Media Lab Concerns===
 +'''​Eric:'''​ get copy of final plans for Media Lab from Michael Jones. ​ Does it include knocking out the wall connecting the two labs?   ​Klark'​s networking is in the connecting wall, and if the wall goes down, then we loose the lab.'''​
 +===Report on software list from Paul Roper for 124 course===
 +Done excepting some minor confusion on the Architecture file (Java file). ​ Educate Paul and other students to clear ''​.windows_profile''​ which can only be done from a Linux box.  No more online interface. ​ Must be done through a terminal (via ssh or console log in). 
 +'''​Eric''':​ communicate the issue to Paul and clarify the java file.  Can student download the file?
 +===Media lab status report===
 +===Open lab final allocation report and status===
 +Paul's software is imaged in all the labs.  What is the use for the laptop lab?  How should we use that space? ​ Hold 1062 back to be able to repurpose according to need as the semester progresses. The current plan is to put machines in the lab but we are not committing to any particular OS.  We purpose when the need is understood.
 +===Report on CS 330 TA account concerns (is there anything we need to change in our policies?​)===
 +When we upgrade server, let's send out more email, more often, and more carefully.
 +===Final plan for staging new machines===
 +===Wireless infrastructure for TMCB===
 +===New door lock systems for TMCB===
 +===Proposal for server room protocols:​===
 +===Hardware and software installation===
 +===Access control===
 +===Report on SAN availability===
 +===Open Lab Floor Plan===
 +The files are now uploaded and can be accessed through the sidebar menu under [[TCMB Allocation]].
 +'''​Gordon''':​ proactively add information and update as need warrants.
 +===Regular meeting times===
 +Move the meeting to 3:30 PM rather than 4:00 PM.  Update resources and email the reminder on current meeting times.
 +===Open lab policy: does ''​open''​ mean anyone or a specific course?===
 +The history of allocating space to classes has not been effective. ​ How do we connect students to TAs?  Collectively,​ labs are intended to be open to any student as a long term intent. ​ Students are welcome to use in any lab unless it is during a scheduled ''​help''​ session in 1121 or other scheduled room.
 +'''​Eric''':​ Visit with Robert, Paul, and others to assert policy: open and must be scheduled.
 +'''​Kevin''':​ email Eric with original understanding with Robert.
 +===Winter 2009 Meeting schedule===
 +===Report on VPN server===
 +(I am giving it a try with my new laptop from home, and I recently found the usage instructions on our webpage).
 +===Should the department provide SVN services similar to our wiki services?​===
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