Web project

We are working on setting up a consulting agreement with Objective. We want to meet on the 26th to discuss our needs to be sure we are on the same page when they come to visit with us.

We need to keep in mind this list of the web programs we have

  • grad profile
  • student employment
  • grad admissions
  • room reservation
  • tuition and insurance scholarships

These need to inter-operate with whatever solution Objective designs for our faculty, research, and department web pages.

We should keep in mind video content, since this may be easy to keep updated.

User Permissions

On a flag day, remove read permissions on home directories for “other”.

How do we get students to do learn about permissions?

1) Create a tutorial and require every student to take the tutorial to show them how to use permissions. Auto unlock account once tutorial taken.

2) Have a Learning Suite test that is required for every class, or for CS 142.

3) Login screen.

No agreement on best way to do this … need to at least send out email informing everyone of the change in permissions.

There is a major concern about how our students learn about Linux admin so they are at least comfortable with basic concepts.

SSH Access

Some faculty want to be able to get ssh access on a random machine while traveling.

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