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Mark Clement

Creating accounts for CS 100: By the way, I (Mark Clement) talked to Scott the other day and he says that Chuck wants to be able to have his TAs add user accounts for CS100 students. There is apparently some problem with students who add after the first day of class… they dont get an automatic account and are confused as to how to talk the student support people into adding an account for them.

I told him that I thought that this was unlikely, since you want to limit the number of people who have superuser permissions to add accounts. I also told him that he should submit a help ticket if he was having trouble.

General Discussion

Email Services

We need to reopen our discussion on email services for two reasons brought forward by Klark and Daniel:

  1. Klark brought to my attention that BYU has a policy that only permits faculty who have retired honorably to maintain a email address once they are no longer directly affiliated with BYU. More specifically, Retired faculty are allowed to have two aliases but are not given an actual account. Setting up our own permanent forwarding service would not be harmonious with BYU's policy which aims to protect BYU's image.
  2. We made our decision to not provide email accounts on the assumption that students do not use the account. Daniel feels that we should at least verify this assumption (go figure). Also, and perhaps more importantly, Klark points out that even if students do not use the account, we at least have an avenue to use in attempting to contact students in situations where students have not registered email addresses with BYU. In other words, we may not be able to contact those students who did not register emails, but we can at least say we tried.

Here is the current resolution:

We propose to

  1. Create a permanent forwarding services for all students and faculty in the program
  2. ; Rewrite → Create a permanent .net address for papers that is permanent.
  3. No longer create student email accounts starting Fall 2009
  4. Add → Require students register an email address when they accept the lab usage policies and encourage the use of .net addresses.
  5. Continue to maintain mail services for faculty and staff
  6. Make others aware of BYU's premium mail services and help them enroll as desired

At a minimum, the first item cannot use the term permanent, and the second item may need to be qualified to “students with no registered email with BYU”.

Hours for Help Desk, Labs, and Other Services

  1. What are the actual hours on the lab? (is there any reason to close the labs before the building closes)
  2. ; If the building is open, then the labs are open.
  3. ; See if security will wait until midnight to police the building.
  4. ; Loren is waiting to hear if we can connect to the magnetic system to auto-close the doors.
  5. ; Service oriented attitude.
  6. What are the hours of the Help desk? Some feel that the help desk should always be open (i.e., open door) during normal business hours.
  7. ; 1140A system programmers for student problems.
  8. ; Studying in the room obligates help for emergency situations.
  9. What is the role of Lab watch (stop or start)?
  10. ; Drop the lab watch and train TAs to help monitor policies in the lab (food and drink). Moving computers is also an issue.
  11. ; Machine moving is often a laptop issue.
  12. Discuss system administrators: why is the 1140 door closed so often. What should be the hours? When should the doors be open? (again normal business hours)

CS 124 Windows Boxes

I visited with Paul Roper, and if he starts using actual hardware in CS 124, then he will need windows machines for approximately 150 to 200 students in the Winter 2009 semester. Neither of us is sure how many of those students will use the lab versus their own laptop. Paul is scheduled to finalize his decision in the next two weeks. He chooses not to use the actual hardware, then there is no change in his lab needs.

cs-wireless and wired lab bandwidth

The students in our lab (Dr Clement and Dr Snell) have been having trouble getting more than about 200KBps on either the cs-wireless or the wired infrastructure in our lab. We have actually been hooking up to the back of the phones when we want to make a large transfer. We would like to fix this and make it easier to get DHCP addresses even if the MAC address is not registered.

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