Laptop recommendation

What laptop should students buy? There was something on the Facebook page that she couldn't find any more. Do we want to make a recommendation and where should we put this?

We will put together some specs and upload them a web page. Minimum specs:

  • MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or equivalent Windows laptop
  • 8 GB RAM or more
  • i5 or i7 processor
  • 255 GB SSD preferred
  • Thin and light preferred

2. Status of facwiki

Sent email to Eric Mercer and Kevin Seppi to be sure they are satisfied.

3. Status of the Collaborative Space

Design is totally finished this week. We looked at 140 BRMB, the Adlab, everything there gets moved around. Looks comfortable and colorful. A monitor on a stand, They have a “caretaker” with an office inside of it. It has couches, ottomans, chairs.

We will have a 70“ TV on a mobile stand. We will buy some couches, chairs, ottomans, tables and chairs. Will have a mix of areas with seating at a table and areas that are informal with comfy chairs and ottomans. Two informal areas and three semi-formal areas. Need power everywhere. Looked at fabric samples for couches and ottomans, paint colors for the east and west walls (white elsewhere).

4. TAs

Should TAs be in the labs? Or in a separate office? If in the labs, should they be reserving entire rows? Maybe different things for different classes? Danger is that the lab becomes a “class” lab. Could we use technology to show students where TAs are located right now, and then they can sit anywhere? Maybe an online queue to sign up for a TA?

5. What we could/should stop doing

Wireless moved to OIT. Is there anything else we should stop doing? Things we can outsource? Do we need a lot of desktops or do we need fewer of them? Use saved time to do some training? Wired network? Do we need to provide VMs for students?

Klark said one possibility is virtual labs where students would have access to servers they need, without having to be in our labs (can do it from laptop). Citrix is one product. This would give them access to applications they need for a class. BYU is apparently in talks with Google to try to get unlimited disk space. Could eliminate disk space for students. Animation would likely still need a local drive for performance reasons.

Would like to get 10 Gbps into the department. Doesn't seem like a possibility now, but Kelly wants to have the numbers to prove that we have to have it. Could maybe do 2 Gbps. This may depend on whether Brent does rendering inside or outside.

6. Evolving student experience through the program

Mike has thought that as you move through the CS program, your computing experience gets better and better. Daniel would love for it to be awesome at all levels.

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