1. State of the Network
    • IPv6
    • network infrastructure
  2. State of Wireless
  3. State of Systems
    • New lab images
    • NFS and data storage
  4. State of Students
    • Mixed labs with laptops, screens, power, couches, tables, whiteboards
    • Survey students about what they want? What they have?
    • Survey departments about laptop and software requirements


  1. IPv6
    • initially we would use IPv6 internally only, because OIT is not ready to route it on campus
    • need an easier way to manage DNS server
    • DNS/DHCP appliance by InfoBlox
    • need a backup as well
    • let's us have a flat network, get rid of NATs
    • existing switches are not v6 capable
    • Cisco charges $4k,5k to switch it over
  2. State of Infrastructure
    • infrastructure is nearly a decade old
    • 44×1 subscription rate, and this causes problems for NFS
    • replacing core switch over 2-3 years, working with Dell
    • do labs first, get to 4.8×1
    • eventually do research labs with 10 GB
    • will need to pull fiber through building
    • Klark and Greg are submitting a college proposal to replace core
    • check with Parris – on support for this proposal
  3. Animation Lab
    • wired by Klark and Greg with Cat6
  4. Lab images
    • Campus license agreement with RedHat – can now get Enterprise Server and Workstation
    • VMWare Workstation, run as a VM on top of Linux
    • can then use just NFS and get rid of Samba
    • can walk up to any machine and use Linux or Windows
    • can look at test machine
    • will replace 1/2 machines in labs in 2013
    • new lab machines 8 GB RAM, SSD
  5. Lab Spaces
    • Spaces should be designed for CS students
    • You can do whatever you want (even English homework)
    • survey the students for what they want – Jay, win a pizza if you fill it out
    • can we collect data over time for console logins
    • automated survey of technologies?
    • survey faculty on what they require and licenses needed
    • software licensing only for BYU owned computers
    • library spaces available? maybe use them for lower end classes like CS 100?
  6. State of Budget
    • see Gordon for budget
  7. Wireless
    • Xirrus system put in this past year
    • working well everyone, including Gigapix
    • we have 50 access points that we are not running, and a dozen or so that are completely open
    • do we really need the rest of the APs, because they cause collisions?
    • can we get faculty to switch?
    • system we put in was not cheap, can you justify why you have yours?
    • have Greg and Klark make a list of access points and then we can go around and talk to faculty
  8. Disk Storage
    • Replacing NFS storage
    • two servers, two disk vaults with 30 disks each (out of 60 capacity), 900 GB SAS
    • RedHat high availability, so if one fails the other takes over
    • connected to new switch with 10 GB connection to each NFS server
  9. Security Scan
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