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 +* had some problems first few weeks
 +* redo the grad wireless survey since grad students say this is still an issue
 +** troubleshoot these issues
 +** an issue in past was running out of DHCP addresses, will allocate a subnet to each floor to alleviate this problem
 +* should we maintain CS wireless?
 +** OIT said give it to us, they will replace equipment
 +** talk to Kelly to get more info on this possibility
 +** will they charge us?
 +** can OIT guarantee they will replace/​upgrade equipment on a regular basis?
 +== Wiki Backup ==
 +* working
 +== Agenda for this year==
 +* continuing upgrade of network switches to 10 Gbps core, 10 Gbps to labs, eventually to research labs
 +* fiber connections
 +* focus on top 5 / top 50 -- how would infrastructure help us accomplish this goal?
 +* survey undergrads about lab spaces for laptops
 +** BYU law school requires laptops
 +** where is the space for this?
 +** ask undergrads where they work, whether they want an open laptop lab
 +** this could double as space for a capstone project
 +* Can we foster more undergrad involvement in research?
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