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 +* how things went'''​
 +** NFS is redone with NSS from Dell -- high availability
 +** very little down time
 +** labs are generally 3/4 full
 +** when project is due, nearly all labs filled
 +** doubled amount of storage per user, can go higher
 +** do we want to provide this service for everyone? not everyone needs this.
 +** mount student directory onto lab machines?
 +* network infrastructure
 +** spring/​summer project
 +** just lost 3 good students
 +** new switches installed
 +** configure and move over 1 to 10 Gbps in the core, eventually get 10 Gbps fiber into student labs and research labs, move to Cat 6, need to replace fiber -- 2 to 3 years out
 +** phase in costs and 2-3 days of downtime per lab, need to buy new switches too
 +** $3,000 switch per lab, and 15 open labs, 18 research labs
 +** changing all our images so we are running Windows on a VM and every machine is Linux -- all labs exactly the same
 +** VM runs faster on SSD than natively on old hard drives
 +** any lab configured like any other lab
 +** no licensing issues with Windows and software
 +** by Fall, half machines in open labs ready to go with this
 +** other half in two years (we do half machines every 2 years)
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