Daniel, Loren, and Eric M.

Kevin: out of town Mark: Preparing for 1:00 PM lecture


Discussion Action

Health check script should log down times. Notion is to report down time and notify responsible party when downtime is hit.

  • Work on health check script for uptime report
  • Collect and publish statistics for monthly report


Discussion Action

====Lab Migration====

Gordon: update the building floor plans with new homes and allocation and email to Eric M.

====VPN Docs==== Certificate should require a password authentication to download. Expires yearly.

Agenda: investigate VPN and certificate services — state policies on all major platforms and provide details on how to use the service.

  • Coordinate migration of labs when the second floor is completed with Parris –> Done (mostly)
  • Help desk services: banner, cross training, and incentive program — appear on a future agenda as a report. –> New screen is cool.
  • Move the VPN documentation into an area where students can access it (
  • Sign on story telling lab with policy: done


Discussion Action

==== Proposed Meeting Dates ==== 04-June-2009 11-June-2009 25-June-2009 (I will be out but will ask someone to lead the meeting in my absence).

==== Review tickets ==== Daniel: add an non-critical ASAP option on the ticket to make it more clear who has responsibility.

==== Review Service and Maintenance (new servers)==== ==== Media Lab Access Policy Report?====

What did we do?

Our vote: put up the sign, see what happens, if there is a problem, quickly implement the card rules. Test in spring to see what happens

=== Audit on webpage Requests === Be sure we only allow requests for things we actually know how to do (only provide things we can do and have already been proven). Communicate expectations: experimental status, time line, etc.

====Committee Direction==== Review discussion and focus

====State of the Union Address: Computing Facilities==== We need to report to faculty what we are doing on the computing committee. How are we using our time and efforts? What are we trying to accomplish?

====SVN Servers====

  • Make table showing current servers and services including wiki counts etc.
  • Email Daniel ticket reports each month (done)


Discussion Action

  • Help Klark and Loren remove non-rack mounted items from server room

I do not know if there has been any progress on this since I left. I believe that Klark will remove his non-rack stuff once the new servers are up and running on the second floor. I think Loren still plans to virtualize the non-rack server he has (Kelly's, I think). It would be nice to make a time line for both Klark and Loren.


Discussion Action

==== Open Lab Monitor Demo ====

Very cool.

Klark: script to warn and log off console when lab closes.

Eric: prepare a report on open lab usage in Winter semester for faculty and announce the new tool.

=== Open Labs ===

Trying Arch in summer.

  • Setup 1106 by April 20 (clear 1027, move current 1106 contents to 1027, setup new equipment in 1106)
  • Remove cardboard airflow controls from downstairs server room by April 13th
  • Labmon report showing loads, usage, console, etc.
  • Email Daniel monthly downtime journal
  • Email Eric M. division of labor between you and Loren to post on wiki (done –> sent Saturday) (DONE)
  • Bring up labs 1066 (1066 mostly done need to fix NFS), 1057 (tables in room with 24 machines mounting brackets on table for machines), 1106, and 1062 (following 1066 and 1057 — one small table left in room with chairs). 1066, 1057, and 1062 done by next meeting: Basement is shutdown. Hold until August.
  • Assess battery status and replace batteries as needed for 3 hour coverage (low priority)
  • LDAP migration to new servers (Complete with blades – gin goes away)



Discussion Action

  • Remove cardboard airflow controls from downstairs server room by April 13th
  • Help desk quick log for reporting (done)
  • Create area for upcoming maintenance on our wiki (done)
  • Email Daniel monthly downtime journal
  • Publish the VPN configuration file for general use
  • Move Wikis to new Ubuntu server using same version of MySQL and MediaWiki
  • Clearly define backup policy
  • Explore SAS versus SAN versus working within what we have.
  • Unify ticket system and add query for top issues


Discussion Action

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