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 +== Attending ==
 +Mark Clement, Gordon Billings, Klark Walker, Eric Mercer, and Dan Ventura
 +;​Subcommittee Responsibilities:​ what are they?
 +==Open Lab==
 +Reimaged CS 100 machines. ​ They should now have the msysgit etc.
 +==Customer Service and Support==
 +:What kind of response time does the ticket system typically provide?
 +:Why are there two different ticket systems?
 +:How should ticket items be prioritized?​
 +::immediate feedback with "​expected wait time"
 +::if expected wait time is violated, follow info
 +::priority bump for waiting a long time (except see below)
 +::Olsen is automatically prioritized last
 +:How often do responders verify a solution?
 +:How can we effectively train them to do this (I don't know them from Adam)?
 +==Department Services==
 +==Hardware Acquisition and Rotation==
 +;Server status: what is the report?
 +==Assessment,​ Priorities, and Future Needs==
 +;Virtual machines: should open labs move to virtual machines? Would changes images be easier with virtual machines?
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