Daniel, Mark, Loren, Klark, Gordon, Kevin*, and Eric**

* prayer<br> ** meanie


Discussion Action
New platform is not going to happen but in general performance is fine on the current SAN; although, writes are a bit slow. Might consider a different RAID configuration. Virtual Server RAID data performance report (DONE)


Discussion Action

  • Help desk services: banner, cross training, and incentive program — appear on a future agenda as a report.


Discussion Action
====Student Email Accounts==== Motion to not create student email account (as previously resolved) and rather force users to register and confirm an email on first login (make the change retroactive for all users but faculty).

To be clear: we provide forwarding services only with account creation.

====Review lock out Policies on Open Lab Accounts====

No food, but, warn rather than lock out. Lock out is last resort.

====Committee Direction==== Review last discussion and focus

====State of the State in Computing Facilities==== We need to report to faculty what we are doing on the computing committee. How are we using our time and efforts? What are we trying to accomplish?

====VPN Services==== ====SVN Servers====

  • Lab statistics from Nagios: does it work?
  • Computing committee report: what are we doing and why?


Discussion Action

Second floor is nearly (mostly) done. Contractor is gone sometime next week. BYU will come in for carpet. Gordon will coordinate move with labs.

Kevin: pester Klark and Loren to move stuff from server rooms.

  • Determine when electrician is done downstairs in the server room: DONE
  • Post signs on breaker and other locations to prevent workers from turning off AC and power. DONE
    • Give emergency contact if power just must go off (hope they call first) DONE


Discussion Action
====New Server Report==== Is the system finalized?

Ordered and on the way.

New machines are arriving in TA cubicles.

  • Email Eric M. division of labor between you and Loren to post on wiki
  • Monitoring and reporting for open-lab statistics: working on a rewrite on labmon (DONE – report will come later)
  • Bring up labs 1066 (1066 mostly done need to fix NFS), 1057 (tables in room with 24 machines mounting brackets on table for machines), 1106, and 1062 (following 1066 and 1057 — one small table left in room with chairs). 1066, 1057, and 1062 done by next meeting
  • Assess battery status and replace batteries as needed for 3 hour coverage (low priority)
  • Prepare proposal for new bladed systems (determine dedicated versus virtualized in needs) (DONE)
  • LDAP migration to new servers (Complete with blades – gin goes away)
  • Bring backups on home directories back on line (DONE – rsync each evening; rotate out once a week for two week history.)


Discussion Action
====Slow Wikis==== ====Wireless infrastructure for TMCB==== ====TMCB door lock system==== ====Server Room Protocol==== Everything needs to be rack mountable. Drop protocol discussion. Not a real issue. Loren will watch cleanliness with hardware install.

ACTION: clearly define backup policy

  • Resolve wiki slowness – underway
  • Migration to new server room report (DONE)
  • Backup policy – underway
  • Mail forwarding service (DONE)
  • Explore SAS versus SAN versus working within what we have.


Discussion Action

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