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 +'''​Computing Support for Faculty'''​
 +* Discuss with faculty about their expectations
 +* What should the CSRs do for faculty and research labs?
 +* How should classes be supported?
 +* How do we get content for front page? (2 sentences, a nice picture, and a link)
 +* Update information about lab including link
 +* Assignments
 +** Daniel: Mike Goodrich, Eric Mercer, Eric Ringger, Kevin Seppi, Mike Jones, Bryan Morse, Parris Egbert, Kent Seamons, Quinn Snell
 +** Christophe: Brent Adams, Seth Holladay, Dan Olsen, Mark Clement, Ryan Ferrell, Dan Olsen, Sean Warnick, Dan Ventura
 +** Scott: Robert Burton, Chuck Knutson, Cory Barker, Ken Rodham, Tony Martinez, Dennis Ng, Paul Roper, Tom Sederberg
 +* See https://​cs.byu.edu/​research_computer_science_byu
 +* Possible options: "​Provide me with a VM from YCloud",​ "Run a Wiki for me", "​provide a NAS", "​provide backups",​ "help me setup an external hard drive for backups"​
 +* Who takes care of the server once it is setup?
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