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Power Outage

Actual outage time is 3:00 PM yet there is some discussion on when the actual outage will occur is not known. At 2:00 PM the shutdown process in the labs is going to begin. Signs will go out after construction meeting tomorrow morning. Generator is going to be wired into the panel so if needed, then we can go to backup on the generator if absolute because the generator is needed for HVAC. Run the standard protocol. We shutdown at 2:00 PM. The signs will go up tomorrow after the meeting.

We should get the basement back by February 6.

Cooling on the second floor has been a real issue.

Migration will take 3-4 days to move down to the server room. Loren will move small pieces at a time with only a few hour down time on each server.

Sanding on the second floor is going to be bad news for server. Construction nows they have to plastic partition off everything.

Critical that everything is well partitioned because department services are staying on the second floor.





Wireless infrastructure for TMCB

New door lock systems for TMCB

Three options of door lock systems though the university is invested in the CSecure system. The CSecure system runs $2000-$3000 per door. We would only use it for the server room door. Works with new BYU cards. This only answers the question for the server room. We still need a general solution for the lab. How easy will it be for us to add access for students on the CSecure system?

Loren: look over the system to see if we have the access we need with CSecure.

Proposal for server room protocols:

Hardware and software installation

Access control

Report on SAN availability



How much surplus do we currently have? What is the surplus allocated too? What are the expenses we anticipate for this year?

Carried over $140k into this year. $100k is the important level. We have $75 of delayed expenses from last year.

  • Servers
  • PDUs for racks
  • Switches

We also have equipment for the SAN that should be rolled into the estimate.

Loren: get a number for the SAN

Also should talk about the door lock system.

Of note, we have also contributed $25K in access funds to the college.

TMCB 1029 Etiquette

How do we manage scheduled help sessions in 1029 and other students using the lab?

Snippet from conversation between Ken and Eric R.

I have never understood how we could hold help sessions in an active lab. In the past things seemed to have worked out OK, but the basement construction has reduced lab space to the point that 1029 is busier than before. I believe the original intent was to let students to remain in the lab during a help session, but require them to be quiet so the help session could proceed. I’m not sure how realistic this is. I assume a TA conducting a help session would want all of their attendees concentrated at the front rather than distributed throughout the room with other random people intermixed. It seems like we need a way to vacate the first two or three rows of computers when a help session needs to be held, but currently there is no effective mechanism for doing this, and requiring a TA to “kick people out” is overly awkward. Of course, this affects more than just 240 and 312. Perhaps we should refer it to Gordon and/or the Computing Committee for an official solution. In the meantime, we could institute an unofficial policy among 240 and 312 students, but that might not solve the problem because 235 students also make heavy use of that lab, I believe.


Slow Wikis

I find the wikis to still be very slow both on and off campus especially if you compare the page loads with loads from our web server (loads from the wiki are taking 5-10 seconds consistently). Any ideas as to why? Is this just a product of running on a virtualized server? The time of day does not seem to make a difference either. I like the wiki, but it can be frustrating when they are seemingly slow.

Media Lab Floor Plans

Post the final floor plans from Michael on the end state of the media lab

May need to work the display driving machine for the foyer up into the ceiling or the corner of the room. We can work out the details on demand.

Eric: post plans and remove from agenda.

CS 124 Software

Is everything up and running?

Done. Yes. Everything is done.

Report on 142 Open Lab

I visited with Parris, and he would like to keep 1121 assigned to CS 142, but he supports having 1119 be a general windows lab for any class. I will visit with Robert to make sure we are all on the same page.

Report on VPN server

(I am giving it a try with my new laptop from home, and I recently found the usage instructions on our webpage).

Should the department provide SVN services similar to our wiki services?

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