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General Discussion

Consolidating Help Desks into one location

  • Can we consolidate all of our help services to a single location (the current corner office)? This change would have both Loren's staff and Klark's staff working in the same area when they are on hours for help so regardless of the situation, people go to the same location for help.
  • Can we hire students whose job is specifically “Help Desk” with the expectation that they
    • Put service first and do everything they can to help folks feel like they were helped (even if they were able to do nothing more than file a ticket for someone else to look at)
    • Cross train on both Loren's and Klark's systems (any one person at the help desk can handle the most common issues in both systems at a basic level)


CS 124 Windows Boxes

I visited with Paul Roper, and if he starts using actual hardware in CS 124, then he will need windows machines for approximately 150 to 200 students in the Winter 2009 semester. Neither of us is sure how many of those students will use the lab versus their own laptop. Paul is scheduled to finalize his decision in the next two weeks. He chooses not to use the actual hardware, then there is no change in his lab needs.

cs-wireless and wired lab bandwidth

The students in our lab (Dr Clement and Dr Snell) have been having trouble getting more than about 200KBps on either the cs-wireless or the wired infrastructure in our lab. We have actually been hooking up to the back of the phones when we want to make a large transfer. We would like to fix this and make it easier to get DHCP addresses even if the MAC address is not registered.

The bandwidth issue is still existing. Lab-to-lab traffic is still slow. Need to watch this to see if we can pinpoint.

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