1. VPN roll-out

Getting students used to it.

2. Collaborative Space status update

Furniture delivered day before Thanksgiving

3. Web site redesign status update

Need to formulate an RFP. Search for documents department wide, not just in a lab.

List of functionality:

Admin Roles Research – research projects (infinite scroll) – research page (one project)

   - tag people associated with each project (and role?)
People – associated with each person? Publications – abstract

4. Laptop requirement and lab space usage

5. Items all research faculty could use

  • storage, e.g. Oracle – a disk shelf could provide 70 TB - 110 TB depending on mirroring strategy
  • cost is $33K
  • about $302/TB
  • backup - LTL 6 tape library, 60 tape cartridge slots, backup 150 TB
  • cost is $14K


1. What computing needs to you have in your research lab? (Choose any/all) a) storage b) servers c) desktop d) computing (e.g. supercomputer) e) backup f) other

2. How much storage space do you need? (choose one) a) 1 TB b) 2 TB c) 5 TB d) 10 TB e) more

3) How many servers do you run? a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 5 e) more

4) Can they be consolidated into a single virtual machine?

5) Do you have an interest in outsourcing some of your computing needs, e.g. to OIT, CSRs, or off-campus services?

6) Do you have any other comments?

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