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 +# State of the Network
 +#* moving to IPv6?
 +#* DNS interface
 +#* network monitoring
 +#* spam filtering off for those who don't want it
 +# State of Wireless
 +#* coverage
 +#* get it good enough that labs don't need their own?
 +# State of Help
 +#* Now that we have closed the helpdesk support at 9:00 pm for a few semesters in a row, does it look like this is working well?  Should we re-visit the hours? ​ Do we need longer coverage? ​ How has the "auto logoff"​ during devotional working out?
 +#* chat support when not logged in?
 +#* improved ticket system
 +#* kiosk in hallways
 +#* training videos
 +# State of Equipment
 +#* new KVM
 +#* sandbox for testing, deployment, penetration testing
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