Agenda - 12 October 2011

  1. State of Security
    • Would like to probe all labs.
    • In the future, probe all labs by default, and email faculty to see if they want to be taken off the list.
    • Email vulnerability report to all faculty
    • Follow up to see if security holes fixed.
  2. Animation Lab
    • Discussed recent problems with some student data being lost when machines were re-imaged
    • Plan to put up a sign that saving data to the local hard drive could result in data being lost (e.g. disk failure) and to come to 1140 TMCB to get a network share
    • Use a TB of network storage for the lab
    • Investigate buying additional storage as needed
  3. CS 100
    • Advantageous to have a laptop
    • 80% (via informal survey) have one already
    • A request to have Adobe software – should we allow changes in the middle of the semester?
    • For the long term, investigate booting machines from an image
      • SWK does this and it works well
      • Investigate how well this works across campus
    • Route Y Login versus CS login
      • OIT will automatically populate groups for CS and for classes in CS
      • Would like to just use Route Y logins – simple administration and can always restrict to CS accounts only in the future if needed
      • Let OIT run Route Y for the Windows labs
  4. MAC address registration
    • Would like to get rid of this if it is not serving a purpose
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