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 +# State of Wired Network
 +* IPv6
 +** still waiting for allocations from OIT (it's been 2 years)
 +** possibly this summer
 +** will need some new equipment
 +** NATing goes away, have flatter space like Dan Olsen wants (e.g. printer broadcasting and config)
 +* upgrading core
 +** leaf and spine topology 1U instead of chassis switch
 +** 48 ports at 10 Gbps, 4 ports of 40 Gbps
 +** we are currently oversubscribed in the core (48/1) and want (4/1)
 +* labs
 +** need to survey classes and see what our students and labs need
 +** move to laptop or collaborative spaces
 +** need to worry about software that is proprietary and can't go on a student machine
 +* DHCP
 +** need to consolidate to a single DHCP server
 +# State of the Wireless Network
 +* putting in new wireless equipment from Xirrus
 +** Xirrus did a coverage survey
 +** authentication on the array
 +** BYU legal says it is against BYU policy to have unauthenticated access
 +** OIT: all users must have unique id, passwords must be used
 +** don't want the legal liability for a stranger to walk in and access our network
 +** BYU Guest - throttled, no mail to port 22, no files larger than 3 MB in size, heavy monitor
 +** working on getting some issues fixed, once we have a configuration,​ then it will be easy to get all the rest up
 +# Help System
 +* Ticket System
 +** New system isn't working well for administration,​ too complex
 +** Working on evaluating new systems
 +# Security
 +* Report from Kent's students
 +** Lots of old software
 +** CSRs starting to look at the problems
 +** Need to target those servers not getting fixed
 +# State of Equipment
 +* Firewall
 +** Got a new server for the firewall
 +* Supercomputing
 +** Quinn making a new purchase
 +* NFS
 +** examining NFS issues
 +# Labs
 +* Fedora Core 17
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