Department Services

  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Firewall
  • Network Storage
    • NFS
      • CS Share
    • Windows Shares (Netmanp2)
      • Idealabs
      • Animastro
      • Helpdesk
    • Sataboy
      • vShpere virtual server storage
    • JBOD
      • Backup storage
  • Wikis on Demand
  • Web Sites on Demand
  • Change Repositories on Demand
    • Visual SVN
    • Plastic
    • GIT
  • Databases on Demand
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Postgres
  • Virtual servers on Demand
  • Backups on Demand
  • SSL Certificates on Demand
  • VPN
  • Live Chat Support
  • Email
  • Authentication
    • LDAP
    • Active Directory
  • Software Distribution
  • Hardware
    • Hardware Surplus
    • Hardware Purchasing
    • Hardware Repair

Department Server name change

Old Name New Name Distribution Services
firewall drclaw arch iptables, dansguardian, squid, bypass_reporter
mead shredder arch postfix, dovecot, postgrey, spamassasin, apache, webmail, pyspf, clamav, procmail
gin dastardly arch ldab, kerberos, samba, dns, dhcp, ntp
tonic muttley r4 ldap, dns, ntp, heimdal
scotch pinky arch nfs, samba, mrclean
rocks brain arch nfs, samba, mrclean
cider stewie arch apache, montools, updateall, adminweb, mysql, cups, tick, labmon, subversion, git
grob bluto arch apache
whiskey joker R5 iptables, apache, dhcp, mysql
vodka mojojojo r4 backups
mir boris R5 tftp, windows, imaging, samba
hubble natasha arch tftp, lighttpd, linux imaging
rum sauron arch nagios, apache
martini gangreen mac macstuff (?)
vpn syndrome r4 openvpn
abyss office servers

Division of Labor

Klark and Loren manage Department office and faculty office support. Beyond that, there specific responsibilities are defined below.

Klark Walker

Klark manages the

  • department servers & services including
    • email
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • LDAP
    • kerberos
    • samba
    • firewall
    • proxy
    • panacea (open lab management software)
  • Open labs
  • Hardware surplus
  • System programmers

Loren Harshbarger

Loren manages the:

  • Faculty/research lab servers & support
  • Network infrastructure (switches and routers)
  • door locks
  • Helpdesk including help with student accounts
  • vShpere, virtual server environment
  • Faculty server backups
  • Faculty Server room 1059
  • On Demand services for faculty
    • Wikis
    • Web Sites
    • Databases
    • SSL Certificates
    • Virtual Servers
    • Backups & Restores
    • Network Storage
    • Change Repository
  • StoryTelling Lab


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