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 +The below PDF files show the resource allocation for the TCMB by floor
 +* [https://​cswiki.cs.byu.edu/​computercommittee/​images/​5/​5b/​TMCB3rdfloor_Jan_09_v3_Gen.pdf Third floor allocation]
 +* [https://​cswiki.cs.byu.edu/​computercommittee/​images/​b/​ba/​TMCB2ndfloor_Jan_09_V3_Gen.pdf Second floor allocation]
 +* [https://​cswiki.cs.byu.edu/​computercommittee/​images/​f/​fc/​TMCB1st_Floor_Jan_09_V3_Gen.pdf First floor allocation]
 +* [https://​cswiki.cs.byu.edu/​computercommittee/​images/​4/​46/​TMCBbasement_Jan_09_v3_Gen.pdf Basement allocation]
 +The plans are current as of '''​June 2009'''​ and include, open lab allocation, research lab allocation, and office allocation.
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