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Dr. Seppi


  • Phone: 422-4619
  • Office: 3330 TMCB Note that if you don't find me here you should check in my lab, 3342 TMCB
  • Office Hours: Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00 or by appointment, but please do not be shy!

Dr. Clement


  • Phone: 422-7608
  • Office: 3364 TMCB Note that if you don't find me here you should check in my lab, 2208 TMCB
  • Office Hours: MW 10-11, TTh 2-3, or by appointment


You will generally find the TA's in and around 1119 TMCB. you can request help electronically at:

If that link doesn't work, try this one:

I have just written this queuing program so that the TA's can help you in order. Please be gentle with it. I am sure there are still a few bugs.

TA Schedule

Here is the TA Schedule.

TA - Paul Bodily

TA - Cassandra Petersen

70px|Cassandra Petersen Contact by e-mail:

TA - Krista Purser

70px|Krista Purser Contact by e-mail:

TA - Lane Sawyer

70px|Lane Sawyer Contact by e-mail:

TA - [[User:sclem44|Spencer Clement]]

70px|Spencer Clement Contact by e-mail:

TA - Michael Perucca

70px|Michael Perucca Contact by e-mail:

TA - RJ Crandall

70px|RJ Crandall Contact by e-mail:

TA - Trevor Oakes

70px|Trevor Oakes Contact by e-mail:

TA - Cale Larsen

70px|Cale Larsen Contact by e-mail:

TA - Brian Berger

70px|Brian Berger Contact by e-mail:

TA - Elizabeth Brayton

90px|Elizabeth Brayton Please include [cs142] in your e-mail subject line. []

TA - Joshua Elliott

Contact by e-mail: []

TA - Matthew Wright

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