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 +Print out a copy of slides 10-16 from [http://​students.cs.byu.edu/​~cs236ta/​sharedLib/​discussions/​05-TopDownParseLL1.ppt 05-TopDownParseLL1.ppt]. ​ Annotate the slides. ​ This means that you should 
 +* Write any questions that you have about the concepts in the slides. 
 +* Write what helped you understand the concept on the slide. ​ Consider the following examples. 
 +* On slide 11, why is there an E in the labels for the rows but not in the labels for the columns? ​  
 +* On slide 11, what does it mean to write "​(*EE,​6)"​ in the table? 
 +* On slide 16, how is the definition of "​FIRST"​ from slide 15 used to create the "​(N,​1)"​ entry? 
 +* You don't need to demonstrate complete mastery of the material on the slides. ​ The point is for you to engage seriously enough with the material before class so that lecture time helps you achieve mastery. ​ Your annotations should demonstrate that you did due diligence in trying to understand the material before class.
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