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 +The objective of this worksheet is to
 +* Write algebraic expressions to solve basic Datalog queries that do not involve rules.
 +* Work examples of Datalog queries by hand
 +* Design the classes and interfaces needed to support the use of relational algebra to interpret Datalog programs.
 +# Create a Datalog file with at least a 3-ary relation and write queries for the relation that represent the range of queries and outputs that might occur. You need at least 4 queries minimum. Justify your answer (i.e., explain why your set of queries is representative of what may be encountered in an arbitrary Datalog input with just facts).
 +# For each query in the prior problem, write the algebraic expression to solve the query.
 +# Solve each query in the first problem by hand showing the relation created after each unary operation in the algebraic expression. ​
 +# Design a class to represent a relation and to represent a tuple. Include the member variables and method interface.
 +# Write pseudo-code for the select, rename, and project operations on the relation.
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