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If you would like to get some help from the TA's, please make sure to first read these policies to ensure that the TAs can help everyone, and give you all the help you need. Remember that the TAs are “Assistants”. As assistants, they are more than willing to assist you as you learn, but they need you to do your part as well.

Students Seeking TA Help Should First:

  • Have read project specifications thoroughly (and Project Standards)—sometimes this means 3 – 4 times or more
  • Work for at least 30 minutes independently in an effort to move forward
  • Seek out other students to solicit their input—peer instruction
  • Try consulting Google—a wealth of information
  • Not use the the pass off drivers as debuggers—it is the student's responsibility to test and debug code before attempting to pass-off
  • Be up to date on reading and assignments
  • Print debugging statements (or use a debugger for that matter)
  • Write, run, and be able to justify the effectiveness of own own test cases
  • Attend every class
  • Review and try to understand relative coding examples from class or in the lecture notes
  • Have a well formed question to ask the TA
  • Be in a frame of mind to accept new ideas
  • Be prepared to invest time and effort since the TA is not responsible to test, debug, or provide solutions

What to expect when getting help?

  • No working or waiting in the TA office, or the hallway, for any reason, so you may be asked to leave if such is the case
  • The amount of time a TA is able to spend helping is dynamic depending on the load but it is no more than 15 minutes
  • As mentioned above, there is a minimum of 30 minute separation between visits with a TA (including pass-offs)
  • TAs primarily help students help themselves. That means that they mostly clarify course concepts, clarify project requirements, direct students to resources for self-help, teach new tools (e.g., using the debugger), pass-off projects, or provide a fresh set of eyes on pernicious bugs—they are not going to give input, answers, tests, or solutions

Remember the primary purpose of this class is for you to learn how to learn. If the TAs feel you are not putting forth your full effort or for any other reason, they may ask you to return later when you have fulfilled met these expectations.

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