TA: Updating the CS 312 Git Repo.

Here's a quick example of making a change to the repo using the command line. Here I've made a change to the HW2 key. If this is your first commit, you may want to set your username and email. You should only need to do this once.

  • git config –global user.email you@z.com
  • git config –global user.name “Your Name”

In terminal:

  1. cd cs312 (change directory to the repo depends on where you have it stored)
  2. git add keys/HW02-key.docx
  3. git add keys/HW02-key.pdf
  4. git commit -m 'adding (mod 127) after last answer in HW #2'
  5. git push (send changes up to server, you will need to enter your password)

Before committing you can run git status, which will list under the heading “Changes to be committed:” all the files which will be affected. After committing you can run git log, which should then list your commit.

(Thanks to Thomas Hansen)

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