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 += Homework Assignment #12 =
 +== Objectives ==
 +To solve problems using the strongly connected components algorithm.
 +== Exercises ==
 +Show all work.  i.e., justify your answers.
 +===Question 1===
 +Problem 3.4 graph (i) in the textbook. ​ Just apply the SCC-finding algorithm to identify the SCCs.  Start at A, and be sure to show your process and to give your answer clearly as sets of vertices. ​  You do not need to do parts (a)-(d).
 +===Question 2===
 +Problem 3.4 graph (ii), parts (a)-(d). ​ Re-run the SCC-finding algorithm on this graph, but this time start step 1 of the SCC algorithm at vertex G in order to compute the post-order numbers.
 +* (Note: we already ran the algorithm on this graph in class, but that time we started at vertex A.  For this problem, we're trying a different starting point, to find out whether the starting point actually matters.)
 +===Question 3===
 +3.15 in the textbook
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