Homework Assignment #20

Show all work. i.e., justify your answers.

Question 1

Exercise 7.1 in the textbook. Note of clarification:

  • The exercise instructs you to “identify the optimal solution”.
  • A solution consists of two parts. Be sure to report both parts:
    • 1. the values of the variables, and
    • 2. the value of the objective function.

Question 2

Exercise 7.2 in the textbook. Notes of clarification:

  • New York consumes AT LEAST 10 shnupells, and California consumes AT LEAST 13 shnupells.
  • Kansas produces AT MOST 15 shnupells, and Mexico produces AT MOST 8 shnupells.
  • This makes sense since you can always eat more than you need, but will starve if you eat less than you need.
  • Similarly a factory can always produce less than its max capacity but cannot produce more.
  • The exercise instructs you to “write a linear program”.
  • Writing a linear program is about formulating the problem into mathematical (algebraic) form. The algebraic form has three important ingredients. Be sure to report all three parts:
    • 1. the variables and their meanings
    • 2. the objective function (in terms of the variables)
    • 3. the constraints (also in terms of the variables)
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