Lecture Slides and Screencasts

See also: the course schedule on Learning Suite.

Note: the PowerPoint slides also contain hidden slides that were not used in class.

! Date

PDF PowerPoint Screencast Title
1 1/5/2015 PDF PPTX Course Introduction
2 1/7/2015 PDF PPTX Asymptotic Notation
3 1/9/2015 PDF PPTX Lecture Part 2 Modular Arithmetic
4 1/10/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Primality Testing
5 1/14/2015 PDF PPTX Public Key Cryptography with RSA
6 1/16/2015 PDF PPTX Divide and Conquer
7 1/20/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Homogeneous Recurrence Relations
8 1/23/2015 PDF PPTX Lecture Part 2 Non-homogeneous Recurrence Relations
9 1/26/2015 PDF PPTX Divide-and-conquer Recurrence Relations with Change of Variable
9b 1/28/2015 PDF PPTX Proof of the Master Theorem
10 1/29/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Analysis of Quicksort
16 2/2/2015 PDF PPTX Lecture Part 2 Connectedness in Undirected Graphs
19 2/4/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Shortest Paths
20 2/5/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Correctness and Efficiency of Dijkstra's Algorithm
17 2/9/2015 PDF PPTX DAG Linearization
18 2/11/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Strongly Connected Components
22 2/13/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Intro. to Dynamic Programming
23 2/17/2015 PDF PPTX Coins: Making Optimal Change with Dynamic Programming
24 2/18/2015 PDF PPTX Lecture Part 2 The Optimality Property
25 2/19/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Gene Sequence Alignment
26 2/23/2015 PDF PPTX 0/1 Knapsack
27 3/2/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Intro. to Linear Programming
28 3/4/2015 PDF PPTX Network Flow
29 3/6/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm, Minimum Cuts, Bipartite Graph Matching
30 3/9/2015 PDF PPTX Simplex Algorithm
31 3/13/2015 PDF PPTX Simplex Algorithm (cont.)
32a 3/14/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Review: Tractability
32 3/16/2015 PDF PPTX State-Space Search
33 3/18/2015 PDF PPTX Branch and Bound
38 3/19/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Solution-Space Search
34 3/23/2015 PDF PPTX Branch and Bound for the TSP
35 3/25/2015 PDF PPTX B&B for the TSP: State Expansion
36 3/26/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture A*
37 3/30/2015 PDF PPTX Optimality of A*
11 4/1/2015 PDF PPTX Introduction to Probability Theory
12 4/3/2015 PDF PPTX Average Case Analysis of Quicksort
14 4/6/2015 PDF PPTX Convolution
15 4/8/2015 PDF PPTX Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
13 4/10/2015 PDF PPTX Entire Lecture Strassen's Algorithm

Video Files

If you wish direct access to the mp4 video files behind a screencast, just use the same URL for the screencast as above, but replace the “html” extension with “mp4”.

Direct Access

BYU CS users also have full access to the posted lecture slides via the CS department file-system. Connect to schizo, and check the following directory:


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