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Line 14: Line 14:
     int numBytes = (int)Math.Ceiling(length / 8.0);     int numBytes = (int)Math.Ceiling(length / 8.0);
     byte[] data = new byte[numBytes];​     byte[] data = new byte[numBytes];​
-    ​random.NextBytes(data);​+    ​rand.NextBytes(data);​
     result = new BigInteger(data);​     result = new BigInteger(data);​
-  } while (result >= N || result < 0);+  } while (result >= N || result <0);
   return result;   return result;
 } }
Line 37: Line 37:
 <​pre>​random_number %= N;</​pre>​ <​pre>​random_number %= N;</​pre>​
 This however can create uneven distributions if N and the largest value of random_number are similar ((http://​jsfiddle.net/​trevordixon/​ZvquF/​5/​)) This however can create uneven distributions if N and the largest value of random_number are similar ((http://​jsfiddle.net/​trevordixon/​ZvquF/​5/​))
- +== Interactive Visualization / Example in C# == 
-== Alternative Approach ​#2 - retry until number is less than N == +We have made program that has both methods of generating BigIntegers ​and draws the distribution of the randomly generated numbers. In the program you can select "​mod"​ to see BigIntegers generated by simply modding, and then by selecting "​repeat"​ you will see the distribution when the random ​code is repeated until a number in the desired range is obtained. It also shows you the time required to generate all the numbers so you can get a sense for the difference in performance
-Put your code to generate the random BigInteger in loop and continue ​generating ​random ​BigIntegers ​until the random ​BigInteger ​is less than N+{{:​cs-312:​randombigintegers.zip|RandomBigIntegers Project}
-<​code>​ +[http://wiki.cs.byu.edu/​_media/​cs-312/​randombigintegers.zip Download RandomBigIntegers C# Project]
-BigInteger random_number = CreateRandomBigInteger(N);​ +
-while (N > random_number) ​{ +
-    random_number = CreateRandomBigInteger(N);​ +
-</code> +
-This will ensure that your random number distribution is even but could take a very long time with this code if N is a 33 bit integer.+
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