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 +* The .NET framework includes a [http://​msdn.microsoft.com/​en-us/​library/​system.console.aspx <​code>​System.Console</​code>​] class with several helpful methods, including <​code>​WriteLine()</​code>​.
 +* You may use this to do "​printf"​-style instrumentation for debugging (as we old-time C-programmers like to call it).
 +* Use the [http://​msdn.microsoft.com/​en-us/​library/​3hk6fby3.aspx <​tt>​Output</​tt>​ window in Visual Studio] to view any messages sent to the output using the <​code>​Console</​code>​ class while debugging.
 +** Note that other messages appear there, including messages about thread termination,​ for example.
 +** If you run your project outside the debugger, the output is lost.
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