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Note: the PowerPoint slides also contain hidden slides that were not used in class.

! Date

PDF PowerPoint Screencast Supplement Title
1 9/3/2014 PDF PPTX Course Introduction; Review of Prob. Theory
2 9/5/2014 PDF PPTX Independence, Conditional Independence
3 9/8/2014 PDF PPTX Bayes Law, Rule of Total Probability
4 9/10/2014 PDF PPTX Random Variables, Expected Values
- 9/10/2014 PDF PPTX All Bonus lecture on iteration in mathematical expressions
5 9/12/2014 PDF PPTX Properties of Random Variables; Marginalization Revisted
6 9/15/2014 PDF PPTX Useful Distributions; Reasoning with Joint Distributions
7 9/17/2014 PDF PPTX Reasoning with Joint Distributions; Bayes Nets
8 9/19/2014 PDF PPTX All Conditional Independence in Bayes Nets; Joint Queries of Bayes Nets
9 9/22/2014 PDF PPTX Answering Queries on Bayes Nets
10 9/24/2014 PDF PPTX All Example 1 Example 2 Bayes Nets (cont.); Reading influence in Bayes Nets
11 9/26/2014 PDF PPTX All Intro. to Naive Bayes
12 9/29/2014 PDF PPTX Alternative Event Models for Naive Bayes; Class-Conditional Language Models
13 10/1/2014 PDF PPTX PDF, PPTX Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Categorical Distribution (and Naive Bayes) using Lagrange Multipliers
14 10/3/2014 PDF PPTX All Expressing Uncertainty about Parameters; Beta and Dirichlet Distributions
15 10/6/2014 PDF PPTX Conjugate Priors: Beta-Binomial Conjugacy, Dirichlet-Multinomial Conjugacy; Bayesian Learning
16 10/8/2014 PDF PPTX Maximum a Posteriori Estimation for the Categorical Distribution (and for Naive Bayes)
17 10/10/2014 PDF PPTX Mixture Models; Mixture of Multinomials Model; Generative Stories
18 10/13/2014 PDF PPTX Text Clustering with Expectation Maximization
- 10/15/2014 Review for Mid-Term Exam
19 10/20/2014 PDF PPTX Initialization for Expectation Maximization; Glimpse of Hierarchical Bayesian Models
20 10/22/2014 PDF PPTX Gaussian Mixture Models
- 10/24/2014 Mid-Term Exam Follow-up
21 10/27/2014 PDF PPTX Gaussian Mixture Models (cont.)
22 10/29/2014 PDF PPTX Sequence Labeling; Part of Speech Tagging; Hidden Markov Models
23 10/31/2014 PDF PPTX Hidden Markov Models; Viterbi Algorithm
24 11/3/2014 PDF PPTX Overview of Speech Recognition: Noisy Channel Model, DSP, Front End / Feature Extraction
25 11/5/2014 PDF PPTX All Overview of Speech Recognition: using Hidden Markov Models with Gaussian Mixture Models as Acoustic Models, Markov Chains as Language Models, Lexicon, Decoding
26 11/7/2014 PDF PPTX All Monte Carlo Principle; Intro. to Gibbs Sampling
- 11/10/2014 Q&A
27 11/12/2014 PDF PPTX Video Document Clustering with Gibbs Sampling on a Mixture of Multinomials
28 11/14/2014 PDF PPTX Video Document Clustering with Gibbs Sampling: Metrics and Results
29 11/17/2014 PDF PPTX Introduction to Topic Modeling; Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)
30 11/19/2014 PDF PPTX Latent Dirichlet Allocation: Inference with Gibbs Sampling
31 11/21/2014 PDF PPTX PDF; PPTX Latent Dirichlet Allocation: Inference with Gibbs Sampling (cont.)
32 11/24/2014 PDF PPTX Limitations of Joint Models; Motivating Conditional Models; Word Sense Disambiguation
33 11/25/2014 PDF PPTX Features for Word Sense Disambiguation; Limitations of Joint Models; Motivating Conditional Models
34 12/1/2014 PDF PPTX Maximum Entropy Models
35 12/3/2014 PDF PPTX Maximum Entropy Models for Text Classification; Feature Engineering
36 12/5/2014 PDF PPTX Ocular Presentation Application of Course Ideas to Historical OCR; Preview of CS 679 (NLP)

BYU CS users also have full access to the posted lecture slides via the CS department file-system. Connect to schizo, and check the following directory:


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