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 +The Reuters data set consists of Reuters news articles from the 90s.  This data set is located in  [[http://​nlp.cs.byu.edu/​classes/​cs679/​data/​reuters|a password protected directory]] on the NLP lab servers. ​ The data set is unique in that it is the first with multiple splits provided out of the box.  Hence, instead of using:
 + < path to reuters data set>/​indices
 +as your split parameter, you will use either:
 + < path to reuters data set>/​indices/​reduced_set
 + < path to reuters data set>/​indices/​full_set
 +The reduced set is provided for convenience. ​ It contains fewer documents and may be of help as you develop and debug your program. ​ You may feel free to create other, even smaller, splits to help these tasks go faster still.
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