Exam 1

Start: Thursday - October 18, 8 AM

Ends: Saturday - October 21, 3 PM.

Late fee of $5 starting on Friday at 4 PM.

Check Testing Center info for late fees, hours, etc. You are responsible to be sure to take the test.

Location: Testing Center

Closed book, No notes. No Calculator.

Study the lecture slides available on the website, and other readings

Symmetric Encryption

  • AES – how to implement the finite field add/multiply
  • Be able to multiply two numbers using Finite Field multiply - class example was to multiply 0x21 * 0x0C
  • Modes of execution – how they work, why we have them, pros and cons
    • I will give you pictures of how the modes work - don't memorize them
  • Padding – when and why

One-way hash function

  • 6 security properties
  • Pre-image attack vs. collision attack
  • I will give you SHA-1 diagram, understand how it works from the diagram

Message authentication code

  • Definition - abstract idea of a MAC, 3 ways to implement
  • Terminology and various meanings - MAC, HMAC
  • How the message extension attack works
  • Design of HMAC specification to thwart extension attack

Public key cryptography

  • Encryption vs. digital signatures
  • Diffie Hellman and RSA
  • Generating RSA parameters using the extended Euclidean algorithm
  • Why DH and RSA are secure
  • What is the public key and private key in RSA?
  • How do we use RSA to encrypt and sign application data?

Digital certificates

  • Five steps a relying party uses to verify a certificate
  • Certificate chains
  • How to repair a certificate hierarchy when a key is compromised
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