Security-related current events happen almost daily on topics that are relevant to this course. I encourage you to watch for news stories in the popular and technical press that relate to topics we discuss in class and other security topics. You are required to share one current event with the class during the semester.

Assignment: During the semester, post at least one entry to the class google group on a security-related current event

  • Provide a URL to the event
  • Summarize the event in your own words
  • You may provide your own opinion about the significance of the event and your own commentary
  • Begin the subject with “Current Event:”
  • Submit the URL to Learning Suite for Homework 1 so the TA will be sure to give you credit.
  • Do not re-post an event that has already been posted.
  • Schedule: (according to the first letter of your last name so that we have events posted throughout the semester).
    • A-F (Sep)
    • G-P (Oct)
    • Q-Z (Nov)

I encourage you to comment on other student's submissions.

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