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 +'''​Attacks and Vulnerabilities'''​
 +[http://​www.owasp.org OWASP] is an excellent source of security information.
 +Please read through the list of [https://​www.owasp.org/​index.php/​Category:​Attack attacks] and [https://​www.owasp.org/​index.php/​Category:​Vulnerability vulnerabilities] they describe on their web site.
 +Question 1:
 +List 10 attacks and vulnerabilities that you are unfamiliar with. Include the attacks that you are most interested in learning about.
 +Question 2: 
 +Spend 1 hour learning about one or more of these attacks. ​
 +Where possible, experiment with the details on your own computer if you can do it in a safe manner that does not involve attacking any other system you do not own.
 +Write a brief report (1 page max) on what you learn. Your writeup should be in your own words. Cite any other sources you use in learning about the attack. The OWASP site should contain enough material to get you started.
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