MAC Attacks

This homework will help you prepare to implement the MAC attack lab. Study the two sources contained in the Lab specification that describe the MAC attack. Write a concise description detailing how the attack works (1/2 page max). If you don't understand the attack completely after spending at least 90 minutes of effort, explain what you know and list the question(s) you have from our study that you can ask in class.

I encourage you to figure out the attack from only these sources. Once you've given it a serious try and written up what you have learned or the questions you have, then you can consult the sources listed on the on the lecture page that describes extension attacks. 10% extra credit if you can figure it out from only these first two sources. Mention that in your write-up if you do and claim your extra credit.

Submit your work online in text or as a PDF before the start of class on the due date.

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