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 * Social Engineering ​ [[Media:​cs-465:​Social_Engineering.pdf|pdf]] [[Media:​cs-465:​Social_Engineering.pptx|pptx]] * Social Engineering ​ [[Media:​cs-465:​Social_Engineering.pdf|pdf]] [[Media:​cs-465:​Social_Engineering.pptx|pptx]]
 +** [https://​www.forbes.com/​sites/​laurashin/​2017/​01/​04/​be-prepared-the-top-social-engineering-scams-of-2017/#​41a335ce7fec Top Social Engineering Scams of 2017]
 +** [https://​www.forbes.com/​sites/​laurashin/​2017/​01/​04/​7-ways-to-make-yourself-hack-proof/#​41a402552b54 Ways to Make Yourself Hack Proof]
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