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 Reverse engineer an application in order to disable the software bombs that it contains. Reverse engineer an application in order to disable the software bombs that it contains.
-This project was developed at CMU and has been part of EE 324 for many years. +'''​Option 1CMU Bombs Lab'''​
-Here is a link to a description of the project http://​ece324web.groups.et.byu.net/​Labs/​bomblab/​bomblab.pdf+
-Here is a link to our CS 465 server for this project+This is a current lab in CS 224. If you have not previously completed ​this lab in a course at BYU, you may complete this for extra credit. 
 +See the instructions at http://​cs224.byu.edu/​bomblab.pdf. Complete the lab and submit a one-page write-up of your experience. 
 +Phase 7 is difficult, so you may submit earlier phases for partial credit.
-Bombs can be downloaded here: http://​bombs.sebulba.cs.byu.edu/​ +'''​Option 2: RPI Sec Bombs Lab'''​
-Scores can be viewed here: http://​bombs.sebulba.cs.byu.edu/​scoreboard+
-Note that bombs from this server need to run from any of the internal department lab machines (e.g. you can remotely access via ssh schizo.cs.byu.edu).  It is reachable ONLY from within the CS department openlab network.+See the reverse engineering course labs at RPI http://​security.cs.rpi.edu/​courses/​binexp-spring2015/​.
-(CSDept wifi worksas would any cs lab machine.)+Go to 02/03 and download the bombs.zip file. If you unzip the fileyou will see three files. Your task is to diffuse the yellow, green, blue, and red wires.  
 +Complete the lab and submit a one-page write-up of your experience. The red wire is difficult, so you may complete the first three for partial credit.
-Please ​work as individuals ​on this lab - no teams. ​ It is OK to converse with, and discuss ​the lab with others, but each of you who get extra credit here should be doing your own work. +You may work together ​on this assignment ​and split the points.
 == Passoff == == Passoff ==
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