Sign up here for your group presentation on search. Note that some are easier and some are harder. I will expect more out of the groups doing easy searches. Each presentation group should have about 4 members. List your names under the presentation your group wishes to do.

See the book for the definitions and initial material on each of these search algorithm. Note that I expect you to describe the search algorithm as it is in the book, NOT as it was in your last class. You should be able to contrast our books definition with the one you learned in cs 312 or elsewhere.

Please sign up from the top down. We will do as many as we have groups for.

1) Greedy best-first search (including a discussion of heuristics and admissibility)

Andrew Woolston & Preston Cowley. Michael Plooster & Alex Upadhyay.

2) A* search (Note: there is much material on this in the book, so choose wisely. Where much is given much is expected.)

Ryan Hintze Daniel Brown Tyler Southwick Taylor Southwick

3) Iterative Deepening A*

Tavis Bennett

4) Recursive Best-First Search

Joel Howard & Kevin Johnson. Steve Nay & Eric Noonan

5) SMA* (see me for some material to get you started with)

Samuel Stephens, Zachary Young, Tyler Wright, Abraham Kailiponi

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